My first glimpse at Excel came in typing class, freshman year in high school. This was the first time I can remember seeing a computer as something more than an entertainment machine. I could put numbers in a few cells, a formula in another cell, and a consistent result was generated. It was magical.
For most of us, digital technology can be exciting, mysterious, and intimidating. What I have realized about myself is that I can be blinded by the bright shiny aspect of technology. That draws me in. But if I stay long enough, I start to peel back the layers and learn what it can actually do for me and for us.
I have been in the construction industry since I graduated from college in 2005. I started in New York City with a construction management firm and in 2008 I joined my family's business. My father started the custom architectural woodworking company over 40 years ago and it has grown for commercial construction projects in Connecticut and New York.
Construction is one of the technology laggards. There is a lot written about the
I hope by documenting my journey intdoes a few things. Selfishly, I want it to give structure and accountability to the my venture. Even if no one reads it, the fact that it is public will push me to keep it up. I also hope that it connects me with others who are on a similar journey. But my ultimate goal is that it might inspire others to start their digital transformation journey. Maybe I can show a few people what is possible, or at least prompt them to think about putting their question to Google before giving up.

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